To be known

Francis Valerio (c) 2018


Our greatest desire is to be fully known
Our greatest fear is to be fully known

The demons deceived our first parents into disbelieving in God's Fatherly love and care. Their shame discouraged them away from Abba's gaze and unshakable love. They believed the lie and the Liar and chose to run, hide and self-protect themselves. They became self-reliant and chose a shrub instead of God as their refuge and safety. They hid from God...isolating themselves from the Love they really wanted and needed...while choosing the hell of feeling alone, guilty and shame-filled. They wanted to be fully known by Love, but were afraid of Love's response. Like all of us, maybe they didnt fully know God as their good Father. Like all of us, maybe they agreed with the Liar instead of the Truth of who we really are to God.

Jesus, you are God's Response to my shame, guilt, isolation, hiding from Love, self-rejection, condemnation and pain from my past and present. I don't want to replace You with a shrub of any kind or hide from more filling my days with fear-based distractions that prevent me from experiencing Your embrace, love and truth that desires my freedom and peace. Jesus, I'm choosing You as my safety and refuge. I want to know You as much as possible, and therefore I need to be fully known by You.... ALL of me Jesus...the beauty, the good, the dreams, the gift I am to You, the brokeness, the sinfullness, the shamefilled areas, the pridefilled parts, the fearfilled parts. Abba Father, thank You for not being ashamed of me and for desiring my greatest good in You.

Be still My child 
Please don't run from Me
Be real with what's in your heart 
Share your heart with Me
Listen to My heart for you
Let me love you where you need Me the most