Saint Charbel Makhlouf
1828 - 1898 AD


Holy Spirit, help me grow in a deeper intimacy with You.


Youssef Antoun Makhlouf was born in 1828, in North Lebanon. He had a true Christian upbringing, which had given him a passion for prayer.

In 1851, he left his family village and headed for Our Lady of Maifouk monastery to spend his first monastic year; he later went to the monastery of St. Maron in Annaya, where he entered the Maronite Order. This is where he became known by the name Charbel, after a martyr of the second century.  He was ordained a priest in 1859 and lived at the St. Maron's monastery for 16 years.  At that point he   

moved into a hermitage belonging to the monastery. He spent his time in silence, prayer and worshipping God. Rarely did he leave the hermitage where he followed the pattern of many hermits in whose footsteps he walked: days filled with intimacy with God through prayer and solitude.


St. Charbel lived in this hermitage for 23 years. On December 16th, 1898 he was struck with an illness while offering holy Mass. He died on Christmas Eve, 1898, and was buried in the monastery’s cemetery.  Several months later, "dazzling  lights appeared around his grave." This manifestation led to his corpse, which had been secreting sweat and blood, being transferred into a special coffin. Many pilgrims began visiting his tomb to seek his intercession. Through this intercession, "God blessed many people with healing and spiritual graces."  

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In 1950, his grave was opened in the presence of an official committee which included medical doctors who verified his body was incorrupt.  After the grave was opened and inspected, the number of healing miracles multiplied dramatically. A multitude of pilgrims representing many different religious traditions began flocking to the monastery petitioning the saint's intercession.

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Jesus, help me grow in relationship with you.
Give me awareness of what distracts me from Your presence in my daily life.

Through the intercession of St. Charbel, may I encounter You more powerfully

in the stillness and solitude of prayer.


St Charbel, pray for us.




Quotes from St Charbel:


"Christ is the Truth of Love Incarnate Before the beginning, was love. Everything came to be through love, and without love, nothingof what has existed since the beginning, or is now, or will be forever, would have come to be. Inthe very beginning was love; the basis of the universe - its law and regulations - is love. When allends, only love will remain; all that is outside love will pass. God is love. God is truth. God is the true love. The world of God is the world of love; it is theworld of truth, and there is no truth outside love. Man is not fulfilled except through love, and hedoes not reach the truth except in the world of God. Man belongs to God; he is the child of love,the child of God, and his real home is the world of God."



Prayer by St Charbel before his death:

"Father of truth, Here is Your Son, the sacrifice in which You are well pleased.
Accept Him for He died for me. So through Him I shall be pardoned. 
Here is the offering. Take it from my hands and so I shall be reconciled with You. 
Remember not the sins that I have committed in front of Thy Majesty.
Here is the blood which flowered on Golgotha for my salvation and prays for me.
Out of consideration for this, accept my supplication.
I have committed many sins but Your mercy is great.
If You will put them in the balance,

Your goodness will have more weight than the most mighty mountains.
Look not upon my sins, but rather on what is offered for them.
For the offering and the sacrifice are even greater than the offenses.
Because I have sinned, Your Beloved bore the nails and the spear.
His sufferings are enough to satisfy You.
By them I shall live.
Glory be to the Father Who sent His Son for us.
Adoration be to the Son Who has freed us and ensured our salvation.
Blessed be He who by His love has given life to all.
To Him be the glory."