Places of Impossibility

(Francis Valerio (c) 2016)


Sometimes God brings us to places of impossibility - at least it may look that way to us. 

We remember, that through Moses, God brought the Israelites out of their bondaged situation.  God desired that his children have the freedom to worship him, to live in a space where there would be a mutual loving communion with God and men.  But to enter this space of freedom the Israelites first had to encounter a place of impossibility--the wall of the Red Sea.  In this place of impossibility the chosen people had an opportunity to either doubt, fear, complain…or to trust in the God who promised them an inheritance of freedom in a new land.


In our embrace of discipleship, Jesus will bring us also into places of impossibility…into situations (both interior and exterior) that seem impossible to our own eyes and hearts - thinking: “this is impossible for me; it’s impossible for things to get better; it’s impossible for me to breakthrough here; it’s impossible for anything to change.”  God often brings us to these places of impossibility to remind us that we are not God, that we are not in control, that we are weak, that we do not have it all together, that we need God.  In owning these truths we also are declaring who God is as the One who does care, will see us through, will provide.  We profess God as our savior.  As children of a good Father, we believe He desires we know His promise, presence and provision.


In times of temptation and desolation, when all seems lost and we feel no hope, we cling to the truth that Hope is a Person…and this Person never leaves us.  This Jesus speaks into the Red Seas of impossibilities and reminds each of us… “You are not going to die here, this is not the end…my hand will move, in my way, my time, so that you and others will see this world does not have the final word.  


“I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (Jn 16:33)


“Fear not, little flock; it has pleased your Father to give you the kingdom.” (Lk 12:32)


And so hand in hand with the Lord, with faces toward the wind, we turn once again and place our trust in Him, His truth, in His possibilities.  Jesus, we commend the “places of impossibility” of our own lives into your heart.  We renew our trust in you today and choose to believe in the care of our Father who works all things for our good. Amen.