One Thing 2015
2015 One Thing Conference: Kansas City. Over 15,000 Christians from many denominations gathered to pray, learn and worhip Jesus together.  Jesus prayed that we be One as He and his Father are One.  While honoring each others theological differences, our communal prayer and worship binds us together in God's heart.  For the world to know God is alive, it must see that we as Church love one another.


Special Thanks to Keith and Iwona Major (MajorChange Ministries) for pioneering the Catholic presence and ecumenical track at the One Thing 2015 Conference.  Thank you guys for taking a risk.  Thank you Holy Spirit for honoring that risk, melting hearts and molding us more into the One Body You desire we be in You.  


Most of the videos below are from the Catholic Ecumenical Track.  

We can view these because of MajorChange Ministries. 

Check out their full website HERE.  Support their efforts.  


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Matt Maher and Audrey Assad lead Tuesday moring worship session.

Francis Chan Keynote talk on Having the Mindset prepared for Suffering.

Watch Francis' interaction with Matt Maher and Audrey Assad at end of his talk! 

Small Heading


Audrey Assad leading worship.

Dan Burk, testimony and teaching on Prayer.

TUESDAY: PARACLETOS. Who is the Holy Spirit?

Dr. Mary Healy teaches on the Holy Spirit, charisms, and healing.

WEDNESDAY: ENCOUNTER through Praise and Worship

Matt Maher and Audrey Assad lead worship, teaching and testimony.

THURSDAY: KOINONIA - Living in Community

Fr Josh Johnson teaching and encouraging a strong prayer life.

Join us next year at the One Thing Conference: Dec 28-31, 2016!

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